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Elliott E & Waugh S.
Radio interview.
Breakfast show with Alan Jones. Radio 2GB (Sydney). 2010 March 3.

Teutsch D.
Waugh goes into bat for little battlers like Alysha.
The Sun Herald. 2010 February 28.

Zurynski Y.
Radio interview.
Afternoons with James Valentine. Radio ABC 702 Sydney (Sydney). 2010 February 26.

Kirby J.
Alternative Remedies can Harm Kids: Study
Med Connect. December 26, 2010

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McCaskill M.
Seatbelt laws need tightening.
Channel 7 Sunrise Program. 29 November 2008.

Elliott E.
Radio interview on FAS, alcohol in pregnancy and project in Vietnam.
99.3FM 2008 November 2

Elliott E.
On alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
SBS (National Australia) 2008 November 1

Elliott E.
On low glycemic index eating.
Coaching with Cory blog. 2008 October

Madden S.
On obsessive compulsive eating disorder.
Sydney Morning Herald 2008 October 23.

Madden S.
On rise of eating disoders in adolescent boys/Distorted images.
The Australian 2008 October 3

Madden S.
Manorexia: now boys have body issues.
Sydney Morning Herald 2008 24 September

Elliott E.
Awarded the Order of Australia,
2008 September 17

Elliott EJ.
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: Probing the label.
All in the Mind, ABC Radio National. 2008 September 6.

Peadon E.
One in three women drinks while pregnant.

a. Sydney Morning Herald 2008 August 22.
b. In the media CHW 2008 August 22.

Tormey S.
Crash Course
Sydney's Child. 2008 August pp: 28-32.

Elliott E.
Professionals debate pregnant drinking.
Consult Magazine. 2008 July 24

Madden S.
Early onset eating disorders.
Channel 10, 9am with David and Kim. 2008 July 15

Elliott E.
Devotion to infant health.
North Shore Times. 2008 June 11

Elliott E.
Service to paediatrics.
Parramatta Advertiser. 2008 June 11

Dr Sloanne Madden
On the rise of eating disorders in children as young as 6.

a. WS FM 2008 May 28
b. ABC 2008 May 28
c. Triple J 2008 May 28
d. ABC 666 Canberra 2008 May 28
e. ABC 702 Sydney 2008 May 28

Zurynski, Y
On child restraints in cars in

a. AAP Newswire 2008 May 13
b. Courier Mail Brisbane 2008 May 13
c. Hobart Mercury 2008 May 13
d. Northern Territory News 2008 May 14
e. Canberra Times 2008 May 14


Interview with Dr Yvonnne Zurynski.
Mandatory child restraints in Australia.
ABC 702 Sydney. 2008 13 May.

Interview with Dr Yvonne Zurynski & Professor Elizabeth Elliott.
Using appropriate restraints to prevent injuries.
Channel 10 News Adelaide 2008 13 May.

Zurynski Y.
Wrong seat kills kids. Three in four child car deaths preventable through restraints.
Courier Mail
Brisbane 2008 13 May

Zurynski Y.
Push for car seats till four.
Hobart Mercury 2008 13 May.

Zurynski Y.
Restraints needed.
Northern Territory News 2008 14 May.

Peadon E.
Dangers of drinking while pregnant:

a. ABC 702 Perth 2008 May 13.
b. The Australian 2008 May 14.


Elliott E.
On the dangers of drinking while pregnant.
2008 May 13

a. Courier Mail Brisbane
b. Adelaide Advertiser, Adeliade
c. Hobart Mercury, Hobart

Elliott EJ
Participates in 20/20 Summit - A long term national health strategy.
2008 April 19-20.

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Parents confused over car seats: study. Covered on the 18 June 2007 by the following newspapers: The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Brisbane Times, The West, Border Mail, Daily Telegraph

How best to restrain children passengers - Dr Yvonne Zurynski - Radio interviews 18-06-07

  • ABC radio Towoomba - interview with Belinda Sanders
  • 2SM radio interview with Leon Delaney
  • 2UE interview with Don Burke
  • 3AW interview with Dennis Walter
  • Professor Lynne Bliston - Sky News Interview 18-06-07

Switzer R. Why seatbelt laws are failing our children. The Age, March 4, 2007


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Totaro P. Pub hours attacked. The Sydney Morning Herald. 2006

Spencer F. Graphic alcohol labels flagged for mums-to-be. The West Australian. 2006

McDonald S. Drinking in pregnancy. Radio National 2006. Interview with Professor Elizabeth Elliott

Master C. Baby labels on food. Sydney Morning Herald. 2006

Ji J. One binge drink is too many. University of Sydney News. 2006

Elliott E. Drinking in pregnancy. Radio 2UE. 2006. Interview with Professor Elizabeth Elliott

Bolzon M. Drinking in pregnancy. Radio 2GB. 2006. Interview with Professor Elizabeth Elliott

Babbington G. Call to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome. Australian Doctor. 2006

Rett Syndrome information days. Newsletter of the Rett Syndrome Association in Australia. 2006

Alcohol warnings for pregnant women. The Australian. 2006

Warnings on alcohol for pregnant women. Sydney Morning Herald. 2006

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The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP), The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP).
Alcohol Policy: Using evidence for better outcomes. 2005

Rouse R.
No alcohol at all in pregnancy.
Medical Observer: Dec 2; 1-2 2005

McAnulty J.
Whooping Cough Health Alert.
NSW Health Media Contact, June 29 2005

Maley J.
To drink or not, for the baby's sake.
Sydney Morning Herald: Aug 8; 12-5 2005

Jenkins R.
Alcohol medications underused.
Australian Doctor: 2005

Rouse R.
No alcohol at all in pregnancy.
Medical Observer: Dec 2; 1-2 2005

McAnulty J.
Whooping Cough Health Alert.
NSW Health Media Contact: June 29 2005

Maley J.
To drink or not, for the baby's sake.
Sydney Morning Herald: Aug 8; 12-5 2005

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