FASD Group


  • Dr Tracey Tsang, Senior Research Fellow, BAppSc (Hons. Univ. Medal), PhD - Dr Tsang has a strong background in adolescent health research and was previously awarded a three-year Research Fellowship in Adolescent Wellbeing (Westmead Medical Research Foundation - 2011), before joining the Lililwan Project Team at the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Sydney (under Prof Elizabeth Elliott - Nov 2013).  Dr Tsang has a broad research background, primarily encompassing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, metabolic syndrome, obesity, physical activity, drug trials, observational and validation studies, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
  • Ms Sharon Eadie, Project Manager - Sharon commenced with the University of Sydney in 2009 and is currently the Project Manager for the Liliwan Project, Australia's first population-based study of the prevalance of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in children living in remote Australian Aboriginal communites. She is also Executive Officer of the FASD Technical Network, a commitee of experts in FASD appointed and funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide advice to the Department of Health on measures to prevent and manage FASD across the community and in Indigenous communites. Previously, Sharon was instrumental in setting up the Staff Development portfoli at the Faculty of Health Sciences and was appointed Faculty Services Manager where she managed and was responsible for implementing services to support academic and general staff across the faculty. Prior to joining the University, Sharon worked in senior roles throughout various industries of the corportate sector.
  • Ms Andrea Lammel, Project Coordinator, BSc (Hons) - Andrea is a scientific researcher and registered psychologist with training and experience in clinical neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience. She has over ten years' hands-on experience in project management, data managment and data analysis of large research projects that employed RECT, twin desing, cross-sectional and longitudinal methodologies. Andrea has a strong research background in cognition and behavioural genetics. She is a PhD candidate researching heritability of episodic memorey and its neuroanatomical correlates in elderely twins. She currently coordintating the CHerbour Project (under Professor Elizabeth Elliott - Aug 2014) which aims to improve, through education and training, the community's capacity for screening, diagnosis and managment of FASD.


  • Ms Zoe Laing-Aiken, Summer Research Scholarship Student - Zoe commenced her scholarship in December 2014, and presented her findings on 'Facial features in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders - A comparison of physical and digital assessment methods in a remote Australian Aboriginal child cohort' on 17 February 2015.